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amrutvahini polytechnic

Workshop Department

Workshop Department

About Department:

Workshop of Amrutvahini Polytechnic is one of the strong & effective supporting department to Civil, Mechanical, Automobile & Electronics-Telecommunication Engineering programmes.

Workshop has well qualified, experienced & trained staff. Our prime focus is on impregnating manufacturing skill among the students. The students are practically trained to produce finished useful products.

Workshop has various sections well Equipped with conventional & advanced machines as follows -

1. Turning & Machining Section: Equipped with Lathes, Milling Machines, Shaping Machines, Pillar drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Tool & Cutter Grinder, Hydraulic Hacksaw.
2. CNC Section: Equipped with CNC Milling Machine.
3. Welding Section: Equipped with Arc welding, Gas welding plant, MIG welding Machine and Resistance welding Machine.
4. Foundry Section: Equipped with pit furnace & moulding facilities.
5. Smithy Section: Equipped with Foot-operated Treadle Machine, Furnaces & Forging Facilities.
6. Carpentry & Pattern Making Section: Equipped with wood turning Lathes, Circular Saw, Planning Machine & Different power operated hand tools.
7. Fitting & Plumbing Section: Equipped with Power Hacksaw, Drilling & Tapping tools & Dies.